Why Colognes and Perfumes?
By: Ketki Patel

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As we all know, colognes and perfumes have a rich history. But do you know where they originated?


Perfume making first begain in Mesopotamia and Egypt, but later was picked up by the Persians and Romans.
When it comes to perfumes there are different types of smells that relate to each perfume. They are used to ensure
one smells good, can be a mood uplifter. Some people also use these for coping with stress or anxiety.

Best Colognes and Perfumes

Each year, there comes new colognes and perfumes, each one of them having an even more captivating smell than the last.
In this blog, I will talk more about the captivating fragrances of the current top three colognes and perfumes that most people prefer today.
Click the following link to view the top 3 colognes:

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